Garlic  101


We are sold out of garlic for but are anxiously waiting and we will have garlic available in 2019 in August.  Be sure to plan early next year and we will hold it for you until you are ready.We can hold your braid in our temperature controlled area and then ship closer to when you need it.                                

For those of you who have yet to succumb to the charms of garlic you are in for a treat. Amaze your friends at your next dinner party by serving a roasted garlic appetizer which used to be available only in the fanciest restaurants.( check out our recipe page). 

Garlic's many uses

As far back as the middle ages garlic was used to cleanse the body of parasites, and even as an antiseptic for wounds. In this day and age we use it for lowering high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and even as a gargle or mouthrinse during a bad bout of the flu. I know, mouthwashes should sweeten the breath but if it makes you feel better you can eliminate the odor by chewing on fresh parsley or taking a soaking hot bath. The garlic odor will release from your pores. Deer don't eat garlic! That's one of the reasons we grow it. Aphids and other chewing and sucking pests also don't like garlic, in any form. By planting garlic among your vegetables ( tomatoes and eggplants) you deter them. In addition, a book titled "Roses love Garlic" suggests planting garlic amongst your roses to deter pests. It works!!! We use a spray of garlic and soap to deter a whole range of pests. If you can garden organically, we all will be healthier. Try it.