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We hope you enjoy the information on the following sites and find it useful.  If one of these links is broken, or no longer valid, please let me know.

The following links are broken down into certain topics:

For a updated list of what is going on in our area check out the following link. Blue Ridge Highlands

Native and non natives- exotics and invasives: List of invasive plants for Virginia from the Department of Conservation and Recreation invasive list of exotics from the National Park System. This link is for the Mid Atlantic Exotic Plant Pest Center which focuses on our region  Natural Resource Conservation Service database which is searchable for native plants

Gardening for special needs:  for those of us who creak and moan more than we used too. It also is a great site for those of us who have a have a disability and are not ready to give up our favorite hobby  or passion. a great community of gardeners

Educational sites: a great site for many things but this particular link will help answer lots of vermicomposting questions  for a list of chapters in your area of the state Habitat at Home- certify your home, school through the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries - so much information and lots of ideas too.  This site is full of information which will help you plan, plant and then certify your property as a Certified  Backyard Habitat  Audobon now has a certification program for bird friendly properties. Is your yard bird friendly? Hahn Horticulture Gardens at VT in Blacksburg. An educational site for master gardeners ( as well as non).  Great site for trying to identify Butterflies which visit your garden  in praise of pollinators... this site will show you the importance of bees, butterflies and all those" pests" to whom we rely on for our fruits and vegetables.  see just how many plants are edible, this is a quite extensive list.