Southwest Virginia's only walk through native butterfly house

Welcome to our butterfly page, be sure to visit the Flying Flowers site by clicking here www.flyingflowersva.comFlying Flowers have long been the name given to butterflies in the gardens so we have erected a walk through butterfly house and you will be able to stroll among the butterflies and even enjoy a Butterfly Tea.

For those of you who have visited the gardens before you know how many butterflies we have living here with us. We have specialized in butterfly plantings using both native and non native plants and have identified 32 different butterflies in our gardens.  By having a huge number of both host and nectar plantings we have attracted butterflies in their adult stage which then lay their eggs in the garden and the cycle begins again.

Flying Flowers houses native butterflies which include the specific plants they will need to spend their life cycle with us.  We are now scheduling groups for visits this summer. Here is a picture of what it will look in the spring as we open the house.


Lots more at the link Flying Flowers