For the love of lavender

We may be an herb farm but we do specialize in Lavender. We are growing 14 varieties presently with the bulk of our plantings being in Grosso, Royal Velvet and Phenomenal.  Last year we added Sensational, Riverina Thomas and Bridget Chloe and Melissa Lilac and we are so excited to have these new beauties.

This year we have added Mailette and Betty's Blue. Looking forward to adding these to our garden.

We manufacture a complete product line of Lavender and non Lavender products which are available on line and in the farm shop. Wholesale and private label available upon request. 

We sell plants in 4" pots, gallons and by custom order we can provide 2" plugs. Plants are available in summer until sold out with plugs available by pre-order in October and November for pickup the following spring.

We are often asked what variety to plant? My answer is always "What do you want the Lavender for ?" Lavender has so many properties, from culinary to medicinal and of course the beauty in the garden. So, before planting, decide what you want the Lavender for.

These lists will give you some ideas of what varieties are known for and what you can expect from your Lavender. 

Culinary Lavender - by no means is this an inclusive list , these are varieties which we grow.            

 Royal Velvet- This popular Angustifolia is a compact grower with an overall look of grey green. An attractive shrub with spikes which retain their color well when dried. It is very aromatic, our favorite for culinary, flowering in early June and excellent for floral bouquets. 

Provence- an Intermedia, quite a bit larger than the ones listed above. Good flavor and  pretty lavender colored buds. It tends to be more of an upright bloomer. Good flavor and also great for Lavender wands. The blooms tend to fall off the stem, so good for sachets not bundles.

Folgate- This compact Lavender is one of the first to bloom for us here. It is a great container Flowering in early to mid-June it is grown for fresh or dried bouquets. 

Munstead- an old tried and true, this culinary favorite has been around for decades. the color is super dark and the flavor is perfect for cookies, tea any of the sweet treats you wish to add it to.

Lavender for Crafting, Bundles and Oils

Grosso- an Intermedia which is the workhorse of the Lavender oil industry.  High levels of oil can be distilled from Grosso. This plant can become over 5' wide at maturity ( during bloom time) so keep spacing in mind when planting. This variety makes a great hedge, wonderful bundles or even sachets, a fabulous scent but is perfect for a large landscaping job too.

Phenomenal- This Lavender Intermedia is able to take the heat in the south as well as being content with snow. It produces long stems which hold their buds and are commonly used for bundles. One of the larger Lavenders it requires lots of space to truly shine.

Gros Bleu- an Intermedia that is considered to be the very best of all the hybrids. More compact than 'Grosso' but with equally darkly colored flowers, the scent is sweeter and with less camphor. May be twice bloomer.

Riverina Thomas- This gorgeous cultivar makes an attractive hedge. Flowering in late June early July, and may be a repeat bloomer. Leaves are grey green, and it is a vigorous grower. Very aromatic with up to 5 times the oils as Grosso.

Melissa Lilac- still relatively new for us this beauty has unique foliage, a velvey like look and feel. The blooms are just as unique and the color is a lilac purple, very soft, but stunning in bloom

Betty's Blue-




Hidcote Giant- Robust bushy habit, suitable as a hedge with sprawling stems. One of the darkest flowered Lavandins, dark purple calyx and violet corollas. ornamental and for cut flowers. Long stems great for cut flowers with a mild sweetish aroma. Flowering from mid-June- July it is grown for fresh or dried bouquets. 

Edelweiss- This well shaped Lavender sports wonderful white Blooms. A cousin of Grosso, Edelweiss is a touch smaller than either Grosso or Super. The foliage tends to be a bit more silver, but the long stems are great for cut flowers with a mild sweetish aroma. Flowering from mid-June- July it is grown for fresh or dried bouquets. 

Super Blue- This Angustifolia is a repeat bloomer and a major oil producer. It is a repeat bloomer and although very compact it is a workhorse in the gardens

Sensational!- This Intermedia has blooms 4 times as fat as Phenomenal or Grosso and stems are great for cut flowers with a mild sweetish aroma. Fabulous rich scent. Flowering from mid-June- July it also is a heavy oil producer.

Bridget Chloe- Bred for the heat and humidity of the south this beauty, although relatively new, is a must have in the garden. This Intermedia may be a repeat bloomer and is a major pollinator in the gardens.

The most important thing to remember is that Lavender does not require a lot of water or fertilizer but DOES require a lot of sun and air flow. We plant our Lavender in a substance called 'dirty rock' from a limestone quarry. It provides optimal drainage while also giving reflective heat to the plant in an alkaline substrate. This has worked for us for the 15 years we have been growing this amazing plant. We use no drip irrigation or black landscape fabric for mulch, the dirty rock is our media and  the mulch all in one.

We grow several varieties of lavender on the farm so you can see what mature plants look when they are growing in the garden.

In addition we provide a wide range of classes on how to grow use and even cook with this wonderful herb. 

This picture to the right, is a mini pruning class during our Lavender Thyme. Love Lavender? consider spending the day with us at Lavender Thyme or sign up for our Lavender Academy.