Join us in Wytheville as we Celebrate Lavender 

March 2025

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Come Celebrate Lavender 2024  was our 2nd Lavender conference. If you are not able to join us at the conference we will be holding out Lavender Academy again twice in 2024.Over the years, students from 39 states have joined us at our farm in Wytheville to learn about Lavender. Lessons included choosing the right cultivars for their various locations, planning, planting, harvesting, using and marketing their product and farms. Our hands on approach teaches so much more than any online presence can provide. we will have 3 sessions again in 2024 in  April and July.

Come Celebrate Lavender will be held in town, at the Wytheville Meeting Center. Let us show you how to immerse yourself in this Lavender journey. 

  " Come Celebrate Lavender Novice to Expert we never stop learning" is an appropriate tag line for this conference. Our speakers come from both the Lavender and business world and will share their knowledge from the basics of growing Lavender, to the science behind creating a quality Lavender Essential oil. After growing Lavender for 23 years I realize every day there is still so much to learn about this versatile crop. 

 We  will concentrate on product making at the 2025 conference.  The hands on sessions will have limited attendance due to the hands on component.

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